Jack Conklin   OT/OG   Michigan St

Jack reminds me of former Patriots OT Matt Light and former Bills LT John Fina. He is smooth out of his stance and has quick feet and balance which makes it easy for him to slide his feet and mirror his opponent with a smooth gait that is deceivingly efficient. He has the body type and long arms that teams are looking for in an offensive tackle. Jack is smart and is adept at timing his blocks to the second level so that his opponent is in the process of coming to him instead of Jack going out too quickly and missing his blocking assignment. He has excellent feet and balance along with good change of direction skills that allow him to stay with his blocks all the way through to the whistle. He is a confident player with just a bit of that nasty attitude you like to see in a top offensive lineman. Jack can play the Left Tackle position at a high level for the team that selects him, which makes him a 1st round talent in my book.

There is one big concern that will be magnified at the next level until Jack loses his stubborn streak and learns to correct it. He holds his hands too low, allowing his opponent to get into his body way too much. Low hands is the reason most players lose leverage when both pass blocking and run blocking. Allowing an opponent into your body makes it easy for the player youíre blocking to bull rush you, use spin moves against you and, in the running game, gain leverage to move you instead of you moving them. Youíre up too high -- and Jack should know this because he has played a lot of snaps and Iím sure has been told over and over and over again to get his hands up in the ready position and his buttocks down and still he doesnít do it. Many times, thatís the sign of a stubborn player who thinks he knows more than the coaches, which may turn off a lot of teams from drafting Jack.

Personally, I wouldnít be worried that Jack is stubborn because once he gets beat and embarrassed in practice, that stubborn streak will be a positive and not a negative. His pride will be hurt big time and he himself will correct his bad habit of keeping his hands down. If he doesnít, worst case scenario is you drafted a right tackle in the 1st round and thatís not a bad thing because with so many pass catching tight ends, right tackles are becoming as important as left tackles. This kid is going to play the day after you draft him itís just a matter of how consistent he is in keeping his hands up and developing a little more strength in his upper body. Iím sure a lot of short-sighted coaches might be turned off by Jackís confidence, but I see it as a big positive. That, along with his talent to mirror and finish his blocks, makes him (for me) a unique player who has the mental strength to be consistent. There is no doubt in my mind that Jack is athletic enough to play more than one position on the offensive line because he is smart, has pride and is too stubborn to fail.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016