Jacoby Brissett   QB   North Carolina St

Jacoby has excellent overall size, athletic talent and arm strength to play quarterback at a high level for the team that selects him. He can extend plays with his athleticism and is hard to bring down with just one player because of his size. He has good velocity on his ball and, when given the time, has good overall accuracy to make all the throws at the next level. Jacoby shows on film solid leadership skills through his play on the field. Jacoby can play under center or in the shotgun without it affecting his accuracy. Developing Jacoby behind a solid veteran quarterback would be the right scenario for Jacoby to succeed and become a starting quarterback with excellent potential to be a winning quarterback in the years to come.

Jacoby has to learn two very important things. First, he has to learn to trust his offensive line and play more from the pocket and in rhythm. Second, he has to learn to look down the field for open receivers when he breaks the pocket and not just look to gain yardage running. Then, he has to learn to trust his receivers and throw to them when they look like they are covered, when in truth they are not. Jacoby needs to tighten up his throwing motion and not stare down his receivers. He should also reset his feet and throw the ball with accuracy or slide in the pocket instead of breaking the pocket and thenÖwell, I guess thatís more than two very important things, oops my bad. Letís just go with a description of developmental quarterback.

Consistent accuracy is one of the keys to being a starting quarterback in the NFL. If you have that and can make all the throws on time, then all the rest will come if you can learn to stand in the pocket and make plays in the passing game. Jacoby has had a poor offensive line, but in their defense, he has not helped them to become better by learning to slide, by getting rid of the ball faster or going to his check downs. Jacoby falls in love with the big play and the dramatic play. When he makes a dramatic run, he thinks thatís a good thing. When I see him make a dramatic run by breaking the pocket, I see a player who is an excellent athlete, but not an excellent quarterback. I like Jacobyís potential because I see the leadership qualities needed in him to adjust and play to what will fit him and make him successful at the next level. He just has to learn to use the pocket to his advantage and when he does take off, protect himself by going down. He also has to accept that not every play needs to be a positive play or an impact play. Itís alright to take a sack if thatís the smart play for that situation. There is no doubt in my mind that Jacoby can become a starting quarterback in the NFL. If he does, anything can happen after that -- at least thatís what I see on film. In my book, Jacoby is a terrific developmental quarterback with the ability to start and be a winning quarterback.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016