Jake Rudock   QB   Michigan

Jake reminds me of a lot of former Giants quarterback, Phil Sims. He has the same arm strength and accuracy. If you remember, Phil has the record for most consecutive completions, accuracy and passer rating in the 1987 Super Bowl XXI. Jake is smart and what I like about him is he understands the running game and blocking assignments as well as the passing game. He is a complete pocket passer who will not wow a lot of people in practice or in a work out, but will energize his teammates with his efficient play on the field. The kid is like a surgeon slicing through a defensive coordinatorís game plan. He has the athletic talent to make plays with his feet and slide in the pocket to extend plays. He makes the players around him better and shows the leadership skills needed to get through those times in a game when adversity strikes and you need a sound leader to keep the game plan on track. He is underrated and has been taken for granted by the fans and the experts in this draft for one reason and one reason only. He hasnít started enough games AT MICHIGAN to make that much of impressionÖexcept on me.

Itís true; Jake has not started enough games at Michigan and itís true that when he did start for other college programs, he struggled. Itís also true that he needs to bulk up and that he may be more of a system quarterback than the type of quarterback who can be used in any style of offensive system. These are big issues to consider when selecting Jake for the next level.

When Jake did start for other college programs, he struggled; however, this year, I think he hit his stride and understood for the first time his limitations. The offensive system fit him like a glove and he improved dramatically in every aspect of his game. His set-up was quicker and his footwork was much more consistent coming away from center and this improved his accuracy and velocity. His understanding of the play calling improved also. He started to understand that he did not have to make the big play and that he was not the only person responsible to win a game. As soon as the Michigan coaching staff told him that he was not solely responsible for winning a game, Jake blossomed and it just shows you what good coaching can accomplish in just one year. If Jake is selected by the right team in the NFL, he is the type of player who might not see the field until the quarterback in front of him gets injured. When that happens, Jake might not come off the field. Now for those of you who are new to The Huddle Report, a third round grade means that I think at some point in the future that Jake can become a starter. It does not mean that I think he will be selected in the 3rd Round. Jake has the athletic talent, mental strength and football intelligence to play at a high level in the NFL and I expect him to be selected in later rounds of this draft or become a priority rookie free agent. At the same time Iím also suggesting that Jake just might be one of the many sleeper quarterbacks in this draft and the type of player that once he does get on the field he wonít come off.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016