Jarran Reed   DE/DT/NT   Alabama

Jarran is a complete defensive lineman who can play any position on the defensive line and in any style of defensive front. Jarran can even play the nose tackle position because of his quickness and ability to control, shed and make tackles in the hole against the run game. He is a power pass rusher with quick hands, quick feet and a strong lower body coming off the line and beating his opponent with leverage which makes it impossible at the college level to deal with him on any down and distance during a game. Jarran is smart and shows excellent leadership ability through his play on the field. He is stout against double teams allowing his teammates to make plays. His football intelligence on down and distance is outstanding. His ability to make plays within the context of the game plan and his assignment is exceptional. Jarran is a playmaker and his ability to play any one of the defensive line positions on any down and distance is unique. He excels both in his pass rushing skills as well as stopping the run, which makes Jarran one of the top talents in this draft.

It will be very hard to replace Jarranís production and leadership on the line if he sustains injuries, but of course, that is a ridiculous reason not to draft a player as we all know. Is he the perfect defensive lineman? Well, no one is perfect Ė however, Jarran is damn close.

You donít find talent like this often in the draft with Jarranís type of size, strength, quickness, football intelligence and leadership qualities. When you do, you select him as quickly as you can, get your buttocks up to the podium and say his name. Watching film of Jarran and seeing him pass rush from a defensive end position with his powerful, perfectly balanced feet and quick hands is like watching a lion just before it explodes to its prey, taking it down to devour it. He is slick and comes off the line with leverage that defeats his opponent at his first step. He has the agility and balance to turn the corner on his pass rush and sack the quarterback or drop the running back in the back field for a loss. Whatís really impressive about Jarranís play is his ability to play on the nose of the offensive center with 2 gap responsibilities on run plays and totally control the double team against him. Loyal readers of The Huddle Report.com know how highly I value players who can play more than one position and play them all at high levels. They know I will rate that player higher on my talent board than others who project to playing only one position at a high level. Jarran projects to play any position in any style of defensive front, at a Pro Bowl level and in my book that means heís one of the top players in this draft. Not selecting him will be a big mistake for any team in this draft unless you are looking for a quarterback but once again, thatís just me and Iím sure others will think differently.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016