Jason Spriggs   OT   Indiana

Jason is an athletic development offensive lineman. He shows great quickness in the feet and out of his stance to play either side of the offensive line as a tackle or guard. Jason does a good job once he is locked on to his opponent using his quick feet to mirror his man. He gives good effort on every down and when he is used in a zone blocking scheme blocking for the run, Jason does a solid job overall. He reminds me a lot of the Kansas City Chiefsí OT Eric Fisher. He has the same type of athletic talent and, like Eric for the purposes of this draft and in spite of his obvious athletic talent, Jason should be brought along slowly to develop him into the type of offensive lineman who can play guard or tackle at a very high level for the team that selects him.

Right now Jason is far from being an excellent college left tackle much less a left tackle in the NFL. He is constantly off balance and holding his man, struggles with speed rushers because of a lack of lateral agility and change of direction skills when he is not engaged. He is easily bull rushed because he plays too high and lacks functional strength. Jason is off balance and easily set up for the inside rush. He struggles to keep his balance when pass blocking and run blocking because of a lack of strength, fundamentals lateral agility and techniques. He has so much to learn and learning on the job in the NFL will be very hard.

Jason has excellent potential, but from what I see on film that potential will need time to develop. He will also need the stability of a franchise that keeps its coaches around so that he can learn one system and not have to learn two or three different coaches systems. He needs a lot of work with fundamentals and techniques. His size and length suggest that he would be a good fit for one of the tackle positions, but I would not hesitate to start him out at the guard position and hope he develops the techniques to eventually play the all important Left Tackle position. Offensive linemen like Jason are notoriously selected earlier than they should be because this type of raw talent in a player this size is very hard to find. Like Eric Fisher there is no doubt in my mind that Jason will struggle if he is selected too early and not started out at one of the guard positions. Then again right now he lacks the strength to handle the guard position and until he can get bigger and stronger as a guard or tackle he will struggle and may never reach the potential his athletic talents suggest. For me personally he is another player rated high by most people you talk to who I would look to select much later in the draft. The draft is full of different strokes for different folks and I guess in this case, Iím one of those different folks.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016