Jeff Driskel   QB   Louisiana Tech

Jeff reminds me a lot of Jake Delhomme who was undrafted in 1997, played for a number of teams before finally landing in 2003 with the Carolina Panthers and led that team to the Super Bowl. Jeff has a good strong arm and can make all the throws. He is athletic enough to run and move the chains but also stand strong in the pocket making all the necessary throws a quarterback needs for the next level. Jeff is the type of player whose leadership skills grow on you as the game goes on because he never gives up. He is a fighter and the players around him gain confidence and play hard for him because of this fighting mentality. Truthfully, you can knock this kid down like a boxer and he will continue to get up. Knock down after knock down, this kid drags himself back up believing he will make next play a positive play. There is no other quarterback in this draft with the mental strength that Jeff has, which is the greatest asset he brings to every game and to the team that selects him. Like I said, Jeff is big, stands tall in the pocket against the rush and has a strong accurate arm to make all the throws for the next level. If you think otherwise than Iím not sure what else youíre looking for in a developmental quarterback for your team in the NFL?

Jeff really has to learn to get rid of the ball in rhythm and on time and stop taking so many hits in the pocket. He has to learn to trust his receivers and to trust his offensive line. He also has to learn to slide in the pocket and not leave the pocket because he is not as accurate throwing the ball on the run as he is from the pocket. I can see in his play on the film that good coaching can turn Jeff into a winning quarterback with good talent around him.

As you can see, I have a 2nd round grade on Jeff, but that does not mean he will be selected in the 2nd round; in fact, he might not be selected at all. I canít tell you why he might not be drafted. All I can tell you is what I see on film and how what I see projects to the next level. I think Jeff can become a starting quarterback in the NFL and a winning quarterback in the NFL because of his size, athletic talent and mental strength. Right now as of this writing Jeff is not even in Robís top 200 players to be drafted, but thatís not what my talent board is all about. I donít tell you if a player will be selected or what round he might be selected in -- I tell you a playerís talent and how I think it projects to the next level. You get the best of both worlds this way. Jeff has all the tools to be an excellent developmental QB project and that is not based on whether or not he is projected to be drafted; it is based on what I see on film. So if Jeff is selected by your team, you can see by this profile that he just might be a good quarterback. If he is not selected and shows up on your teamís roster or practice squad like Jake Delhomme did for 6 yrs until some team gave him a chance, he just might still be the answer because he does have the talent.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016