Jerell Adams   TE/WR   South Carolina

Jerell is playing tight end for his college team, but from what I seen on film, his best position for the next level would be as a wide receiver. I think he could be outstanding if used that way. He has excellent hands and, for a player with long legs, he has a terrific burst and nice change of direction skills that will allow him to gain separation along with his big body and long arms. He has a big catch radius and is fearless catching the ball in traffic. Because of his burst and lateral agility, he will be a weapon inside the 40 yard line. Outside of the forty yard line, he will gain yardage in chunks and if a defender tries to sit on his routes he can double move quicker than a squirrel stopping and going across the road dodging traffic. He is faster than his size would suggest and as a tight end, he would be a waste because you want to get the ball in his hands as much as possible. He is not a great in-line blocker against the run because of his long legs, but he gives the effort. Jerell does a decent job pass blocking at the line but the truth is blocking is not his forte. He is hard to bring down after the catch because of his size and long striding legs. Jerell is smart, plays hard and although he might take some time to learn the route tree and to acclimate to being just a receiver, as he learns you can use him in the slot because this kid can catch the ball and he can run and he gives good effort blocking in space.

Truthfully… if you’re drafting Jerell as a tight end, don’t bother as you’re wasting his talent and my time doing this profile. Jerell is a decent blocker in the open field and does a decent job blocking on the line in pass blocking situations, but like I said, you want this kid catching the ball down the field, not blocking; you can get anyone standing in line at a supermarket to help out blocking.

All you have to do is open up your eyes and look at his numbers and you will see what I’m suggesting. It doesn’t take a genius to see it. The kid is a wide receiver and has the potential to be as good as former Washington Redskins Hall of Fame wide receiver, Art Monk. (If you are unfamiliar with this name, for the love of God, look it up -- I can’t do everything.) This kid really has talent and why someone wanted to hide this talent and make him play a position that does not fit his talents is beyond me. Art Monk was a 6’3” wide receiver when most receivers were about 5’8”. When Art came out in the 1980 Draft most “experts” thought he would become a tight end and that he was too big to be a receiver. Jerell has this type of talent and potential to become and impact receiver for the team that selects him. He might not ever be as good as Art Monk was but he does have the talent and wasting that talent at the tight end position because he is big, doesn’t make much sense to me. Jerell will be a decent pass catching tight end, but I think he will be an even better wide receiver if you keep him on the field for all three downs. Just give him a little time and he could be something special.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016