Jonathan Bullard   DE/DT   Florida

Jonathan was the main cog in his teamís front seven defense. He played more than one position on the line of scrimmage and played them all at a high level in any style front and in any style of defense. He is excellent playing against the run and, with his explosion off the line of scrimmage, he can be and will be an excellent pass rusher. He changes the line of scrimmage to his advantage and does so even when double teamed as well as being triple-teamed at times. He shows very quick hands and is the best in this draft at shedding and making tackles. He is an excellent teammate to a fault, not caring much about his own stats. He is smart and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. You can always depend on Jonathan doing what is needed of him to make his teammates and his defense better. Jonathan has played inside and outside in a 3-4 front or a 4-3 front depending on the opponentís propensity to run the ball inside or outside. Jonathan was the key for his defense to shut down the opponentís running game so that others could make plays against the passing downs. He has good overall athleticism, foot speed and his ability to play with excellent leverage and strength on every snap of the ball makes him unique.

Jonathan doesnít have many sacks in his career compared to others, but those that are fooled by that will be the teams that donít think as highly about Jonathanís potential to become a double digit pass rusher at the next level. Those teams that do not see that potential will rate him lower than I rate him.

I see Jonathan having the same impact for the team that selects him as Fletcher Cox of the Eagles and Cameron Jordan of the Saints. In the 2012 draft, the Eagles selected Fletcher in the 1st Rd (14th pick). In the 2011 draft, the Saints drafted Cameron 1st Rd (24th pick). In 2012 I rated Fletcher as the 4th best player in that draft and in 2011 I rated Cameron as a top ten player on my talent board. I see Jonathan having the same kind of impact for the team that selects him as those two players, but right now on Robís board, Jonathan is barely making it into the first round. That being said, I look for Defensive linemen who are versatile for my top picks. I look for defensive linemen who change the line of scrimmage on most every play and are in their opponentís backfield. I look for defensive linemen with explosion and quickness off the line with good hand usage, foot quickness and balance. I look for good leverage and natural strength and a player who never stops playing until the whistle. Call me crazy, but I see all of that when I watch Jonathan play. You will too if you go to the film. Itís all there for anyone to see after all the kid has started since he was a freshman.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016