Jordan Howard   RB   Indiana

Jordan is the type of running back whose excellent balance and quick cutting skills allow him to break tackles and gain yardage that most running backs struggle to gain. His style reminds me a lot of former Bills RB Fred Jackson only Jordan is faster in the open field. He has excellent vision and when he makes his cuts (with quick feet), he continues to move forward, never losing ground. This style that features Jordan consistently moving forward as he makes his cuts, allows him to pick up yardage that most backs struggle to gain and makes him a third down pick up artist because of this unique talent. Jordan has no problems catching the ball out of the backfield and is a willing blocker picking up blitzing linebackers. He is a three down back, but what attracts me the most about him is his ability to cut and make players miss the big hit on him. Jordanís ability to keep going forward keeping his balance and breaking defensive playerís tackles makes him the type of running back that teams need to run the ball especially in the 4th quarter. Jordan has the potential to be a franchise running back, itís really that simple.

Jordan has to improve his blocking techniques, setting his hips under him better and gaining more leverage so that bigger players donít run over him when rushing the quarterback. I have no doubt that he will accomplish this with some better coaching particularly if he wants to stay on the field for all three downs.

Jordan is very talented and I consider him among the best running backs in this draft. In fact, as far as Iím concerned, if he was the first back selected in this draft that would not surprise me at all. I donít think he will be, but you never kno. We all know it wonít happen because there are bigger name backs in this draft, not better -- but with bigger names and bigger agents. Like I said, Jordan has that same Fred Jackson style of running and when he is making his cuts, he doesnít go parallel -- he continues to go vertical. He freezes his opponent and then breaks the arm tackle and continues to move up the field. When he does this he shows the excellent balance and strength needed to gain yardage without losing yardage. Most running backs and receivers are trying to juke a defender so that they donít get hit or tackled. Jordan just wants to freeze the defender to gain the advantage when they try to tackle him. Heís not fancy but he is good, very good and heís smart and catches the ball with ease. There is no reason to think that Jordan canít be an impact player for the team that selects him. There is also no reason he canít become a franchise running back, but you will have to give him the ball and for some offenses in the NFL that seems to be a problem. Of course those are the teams that usually arenít in the playoffs so I suggest those teams look very hard at Jordan because a running back with his style of running usually is found playing for the better teams in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016