Jordan Jenkins   DE/LB   Georgia

Jordan has the same athletic talent and skills as the Packersí Clay Mathews. He has that explosion off the line of scrimmage and the quickness in his feet and hands to make it impossible to keep him out of the backfield on just about every play. He changes the line of scrimmage to his advantage on every play. He is stout against the run and handles double teams very well allowing others on the line or in the backfield to make plays. He can play anywhere on the front seven and play any position at a Pro Bowl level. Jordan can cover players in the passing game all over the field. He can be your edge rusher in a 3-4 defense or be your middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense. Jordan is a playmaker and playmakers like him are hard to find so drafting him early in this draft would be a smart move in my book.

The experts will say he is short, I donít know why that should matter when he shows them his athletic talents, but for the draft it will. I like to see him with better physical stamina because he does seem to slow down as the game goes on, but Iím nit picking.

Jordan can play on the line or off the line, in a 1-gap defense or a 2-gap defense. He can play in a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. He can cover players off the line in single coverage or zone coverage. He can rush the passer and make tacklers look foolish and in college has even been brought inside and made guards look foolish in pass rush and defending the run. For the love of god, what more are you looking for in a defensive player to add to your defense? Jordan has Clay Mathewsí type talent with the power and explosion and mature techniques to impact the day after you draft him. He will become one of the leaders of your defense and a player you can build your defense around. So donít believe me, let some other team draft him, but remember this: if you pass on selecting Jordan in any round, you have just passed on adding a player to your defense who will impact and make your defense one of the best in the NFL. You want to pass on that type of player then all I can say isÖIíll see you with the other failed GMs analyzing the GMs team who didnít pass on him.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016