Josh Doctson   WR   TCU

Josh does a really good job as a receiver going against man coverage. He is a quick-twitch athlete with nice size and speed. He has excellent hands and catches the ball at all levels with the aggressiveness that you like to see in a receiver for the next level. He has quick feet and solid lateral agility. Josh will sell out to make a catch and is fearless going over the middle when asked. He likes to be used deep for the impact catch as well as taking pride in moving the chains on a third downs. He is a willing blocker. Josh likes the responsibility of being the main receiver in a system that uses a lot of receivers on the field on every down. He does have talent to play at the next level, but remember, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Right now, Josh is in an offensive system that dictates single coverage with simplified route running. He runs his routes at one speed and in the NFL, he will have to learn to change gears and run the whole route tree. His lack of bulk will not allow him to be an option to move the chains consistently because of the pounding a possession receiver takes at the next level. He struggles reading zone coverage except for one particular route. He has the advantage in his college teamís offensive system of being a better athlete than most players, which will not happen in the NFL. In short, Josh is a one dimensional receiver and to be a multi-dimensional receiver, he has a lot of work to do and Iím not convinced he has shown the work ethic to get much better than he is right now.

Josh has talent, there is no doubt about that. However, being in this style of offensive system, he hasnít progressed as a receiver for the next level. I love that he has an excellent catch radius and is a willing blocker, but his lack of bulk and the fact that he hasnít seemed to improve his route running over the years is a big concern. That lack of maturity on the field to improve raises a red flag for me. Josh just runs as fast as he can on most routes and only runs a handful of routes in this system. That sends a red flag also. These concerns donít mean that he canít impact at the next level, but for the purposes of this draft, it does mean that he is behind compared to some other receivers with his type of talent. Josh has to add about 15 lbs of muscle without it affecting his quickness and that, along with learning to run routes at the NFL level, means he can be used as a number three receiver until he shows marked improvement in both of these areas. If he does improve, then Josh can impact at the next level and stay on the field for all three downs.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016