Joshua Garnett   OG   Stanford

Joshua is a football player. Thatís the best way to describe him as far as Iím concerned and to me, that is a big time complement. He is a leader and a mentally tough football player who makes the players around him better. He has excellent size and good overall athletic talents for his position. Joshua is a technically sound run blocking guard who gives excellent effort on every play. He has good enough feet and some lateral agility to pass block and is very smart. When he does get beat, he is aware and athletic enough to turn his hips, move his feet and continue pushing his man up the field so his quarterback can slide in the pocket and extend plays. Joshua is a very good pulling guard and stays with his blocks and finishes better than most offensive lineman in this draft. His work ethic is excellent and he shows leadership skills through his play on the field and by his confidence. Joshua is a plug in to your offensive line pure guard, the day after you draft him. He is the type of player you can bet the farm on that he will play for the next ten years and you never have to worry about his position. A pure Pro Bowl guard for sure.

I have seen better pass blocking offensive guards, but I have never seen any that give the effort pass blocking that he gives. He might not be pretty, but he does get the job done.

For those of you new to the Huddle Report, I have a set of draft rules that I use when evaluating the value and profiling players for the draft. One of those rules is the following: Drewís Draft Rules #11 ďDonít just draft a guard, draft centers who can play guard and guards who can play center.Ē These rules are guidelines; they are not set in stone. I always look for exceptions to these rules because exceptions to the rules are usually exceptional players and you never pass on an exceptional player just because they donít fit your rules. Joshua is just a guard, but he is an exceptional guard and not because he has some God given crazy athletic talent -- heís am exceptional guard because thatís what he strives to be. Remember what I say all the time? It takes more than talent to play in the NFL? Well, Joshua is a perfect example of more than talent. That being said, you donít draft a guard in the top ten because teams drafting in the top ten (in most cases) need more than a guard to get them to a winning record. But if youíre a playoff team and need an offensive lineman who can play at an NFL Pro Bowl level the day after you select him, I think Joshua fits the bill. Look for Joshua on Robís board to see where he most likely will be selected and remember youíve selected 1st round talent no matter what round you select him in.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016