Kendall Fuller   CB   Virginia Tech

Kendall is a quick twitch athlete with excellent size and athletic skills to play his position at a very high level. He has strong cover skills and never gives up, even after he gets fooled. He has solid recovery speed and quickness. Kendall excels in single coverage doing everything that he can do to stay with his man and make a tackle. He has quick feet and hips that make it easy to stay on the hip of his opponent and long arms that enable him to knock down passes that are over the top of the receiver. Kendall has the athletic talent to become an impact corner, but as I always say it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Kendall has to play smarter because right now he is a penalty machine just waiting to happen. He has to learn to read receivers better as he is currently the type of player who needs direction on the field to impact. He needs other players to tell him what to expect because when he doesnít anticipate what a receiver might do or where the play is mostly likely to go, he panics, forgets his techniques and in general, his coverage falls part. You have to wonder why Kendall falls apart on the field, commits penalties and makes bad decisions. Hopefully, he can overcome all of this at the next level. Also, in his last year of playing, Kendall was not the first one to the ball, hesitated to come up quickly and support the run. Before this year that was not an issue, but this year it was.

In general Kendall did not play up to his talent this year compared to other years. Iím not sure why, but I think itís because his team did not having a leader who directed Kendall as they had in early years. Kendall made a lot more mistakes this year looking for the big play that he hadnít made other years. He would get beat on double moves and when it happened, Kendall didnít handle recovery well and, in most cases, committed penalties. It seemed like in earlier years he was using someone elseís direction as a crutch and this year, when that wasnít available, he was lost in la-la-land. Kendall has all of the talent that you look for in a corner for the NFL, but if he doesnít play smarter and learn how to play some zone coverage, tackle better and with more enthusiasm, heís not going to make it in the NFL. Talent is everything at the college level, but at the NFL level, talent is just one thing. I like his talent but I am skeptical of his mental ability to handle the NFL. But thatís what the draft is all about, right? Taking chances on talented players and Kendall fits that bill.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016