Kenneth Dixon   RB   Louisiana Tech

Kenneth Dixon reminds me of former Indianapolis Colts 1994 1st round pick, RB Marshall Faulk. Kenneth has the burst and the lateral agility quickness to play more than one position on offense and play them all at a very high level. He can run the ball through the tackles as good as anyone in this draft. As far as catching the ball, Kenneth might be the second or third best receiver in this draft also. He can catch the ball down the field like a receiver and his route running is excellent overall. His instinct to cut off routes, and read defenses on the fly shows his high football intelligence. He has the speed to run sweeps and, on screen plays, Iím not sure in any film that I have seen that he has ever been caught behind the line of scrimmage because of his ability to run after the catch. Kenneth has those quick feet that make it easy for him to make cuts in a crowd or in the open field. He has the size to take the pounding at the next level. Kenneth has all the makings of a franchise running back that you keep on the field for all three downs.

I havenít seen him block a blitzing linebacker, but with his talent to catch the ball why would you keep him in to block? Besides I have no doubt that he is an excellent blocker if you needed him to be.

We all know that running backs find it hard to be selected in the 1st round of a draft because of the injury factor and because most teams think you can find them in any round. The smart GMís and head coaches will not overlook an impact offensive football player in the 1st round. They say the same thing about wide receivers, but those that show impact talent are selected first and quickly. Kenneth is one of those players with impact potential and I donít think you overlook an offensive impact player just because they play a position you think injuries are too big of an issue. Every position has an injury factor. The last two years every team has had problems keeping offensive linemen healthy and I donít hear a lot of experts suggesting that you should pass on offensive linemen in the 1st round! What about all the QBís who got hurt the last few years? Nobody says you should pass on selecting a quarterback because you can find a QB anywhere in the draft or because the injury factor is high. Kenneth might be one of the best impact offensive players in this draft, so if you think you can select him later, so be it; however, trust me -- no matter what round you select Kenneth in, he will still be an impact player for your offense and the teams that pass on him will be watching him in the playoffs and super bowl for quite a few years to come. I suggest that you search the name ďMarshall FaulkĒ to see the impact he had for the teams he played for and then tell me you would pass on a player with Kennethís talent and potential. I donít think so, but you never know when it comes to the draft. No matter what round you select Kenneth in trust me, he will be an impact player for your offense as a running back and as a receiver. Kenneth is a touchdown maker.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016