Kevin Dodd   DE   Clemson

Kevin has that combination of speed and quickness to go along with his size and length that the NFL looks for in its defensive linemen. He is a defensive end with the natural explosion off the line that will serve him well at the next level in the pass rush. He is strong against the run with the ability to be stout against double teams. When he uses the correct technique, Kevin can be unstoppable in a pass rushing situation. Although Kevinís talents right now are at a developmental stage, his work ethic to improve this year and become better game after game shows that his commitment to get better is there and in a young player with his talent and size, thatís what you need to be convinced of before you select him. Kevin has excellent potential to become a dominating pass rushing defensive lineman very quickly for the team that selects him in this draft.

His overall techniques are inconsistent, but thatís to be expected with only one year of starting snaps. His changing stance gives away what his assignment is on every play and at the next level, offensive linemen will read that quickly and stop him from completing his assignments. At times he stands straight up, not coming off the line of scrimmage at the correct pad level and losing leverage by giving up his chest too quickly. He only seems to take an inside rush when itís his responsibility to force a double team and enable stunts on the backside. His effort on these types of plays is good, but he doesnít fight through to try to get into the backfield and disrupt the play or force a QB to slide into the stunting teammate. He doesnít use his hands consistently. All of these issues are very correctable with the good work ethic that Kevin seems to have. Right now Kevin is lined up against less athletic right tackles that most will not be drafted and his athletic talent alone is beating his opponents.

Time to develop is the key for Kevin and I believe he will develop and become dominating. He shines against the right tackles at the college level; however, at the next level he is in for a shock because those right tackles are much faster and more skilled plus the tight ends that help out those right tackles are much better. Kevin has the talent to develop and go up against Left or Right Tackles at the next level. His size and skills suggest that he is a pure DE for a 4-3 defense, which may affect at what point in the draft he will be selected, but with the right team and defense, I have no doubt that Kevin will continue to develop into the dominating player his talents suggest that he will become.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016