Kevin Hogan   QB   Stanford

Kevin is the type of quarterback who grows on you as you watch film because of his football intelligence and how he never seems to panic. He has good arm strength and when his mechanics are in check, he has excellent accuracy. He understands the purpose of the running game and this year I have seen him throw receivers open more than in the past. He has excellent athletic talent to run for first downs when needed and stands tall in the pocket. He has improved every year I have watched him play in every aspect of his game. Kevin is a deceivingly good quarterback who has the mental strength, football intelligence, strong accurate arm and big athletic talent to become a starting quarterback for the team that selects him.

Kevin works well in the offensive system that his college team uses and that system relies on an impact running game and 2 tight ends for protection. Itís the same system I suggested would limit Andrew Luck when he came out in the draft. Kevin also has this funky throwing motion that bothers most scouts when they watch him play. It doesnít seem to affect his accuracy, but knocking his passes down could be an issue and in the NFL the longer he is on the field for a 16 game schedule, the more this dropping down in his motion and changing his release point could become more than troublesome and will keep him on the bench.

This year Kevin has done a good job changing his throwing motion and coming over the top more but he does revert at times during a game to dropping down especially when he throws the ball deep. It almost looks like he launches it instead of throwing it and his ball loses velocity when he does this althoughÖhe still seems to be pretty accurate. Right now most teams will look at Kevin as a backup quarterback because of his football intelligence but I think he is more than that if he can continue to work on his throwing motion and of course gets on the field for a length of time that shows he can be more than a backup quarterback. I like his potential and in the later rounds of this draft I would select him with the thought that he can come in and learn a system and at some point become a very good productive starter. If it doesnít happen I still think you have yourself an excellent backup quarterback and I donít think thatís bad at all. For me personally, I would not draft a quarterback who I donít think honestly has the potential to be a starter and be a winning quarterback at any point in a draft. I donít draft backups but thatís just me. Some other people think differently. Kevin reminds me a lot of a former Super Bowl quarterback Brad Johnson. Brad played 7 seasons for the Vikings before moving on to the Redskins and then the Buccaneers where he played in the Super Bowl. Then back to the Vikings and finally the Cowboys. He never seemed to be appreciated but obviously was always in demand. I think right now you could put Kevin in the same category as unappreciated because this kidís record does speak for itself and should be taken into account when evaluating him. It does for me.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016