Keyarris Garrett   WR   Tulsa

Keyarris has been the top receiver in a receiver driven offense for his college team. He has the size that makes him very hard to handle at the line of scrimmage and to tackle. He has those long legs that make it easy for him to cover a lot of ground with deceiving speed. On the deep ball he seems to get behind defenses and when he does uses his body and his long reach to catch the ball. There is nothing about Keyarris’ overall game that makes you think he is going to beat your defensive backs on film because he is not a quick twitch athlete. In fact he looks like he is gliding on a skateboard all over the field just fast enough to beat you to the ball on a slant route or when goes deep. He’s not overly fast and not overly quick. He has good hands, but he does drop some easy catches. He doesn’t make a whole lot of yardage after the catch and seems at times to be clumsy and at the end of the game if you keep throwing him the ball he will have 100 yards or more and at least two touchdowns. Keyarris is a different kind of receiver who reminds me a lot of former Saints Wide Receiver, Marques Colston.

Keyarris is a different kind of receiver with a whole host of flaws. He’s slow off the line, is clumsy at times and doesn’t gain the yardage after the catch that you would expect most receivers his size would gain. He lacks lateral quickness and explosion off his routes and gains separation only when he needs to. He has good hands, but I have seen better and doesn’t seem to jump very high for the ball; however, because of his height and long arms doesn’t seem to have to. He doesn’t run the route tree and I’m not sure he even knows what a route tree is. He’s a lousy blocker, particularly for a player his size. In spite of all his flaws, he is very productive and a nightmare match-up receiver.

The only way to match up against Keyarris is to use a player on him like Defensive End Demarcus Ware because that’s the type of talent and size that you would need to stop this kid. When you look at this kid on tape, throw the book away that tells you how to play the receiver position because this kid marches to the beat of a different drummer. He will come of the line as slow as a tank going into battle and somehow he gets open. He will run stop routes until you think you’re about to throw up and then he is running deep and catching the ball over his shoulder for a touchdown. He will frustrate you not getting his feet down in bounds because he seems at times clumsy and then make a great catch on the very next play on the sidelines in bounds. He catches slant routes and stumbles to a first down. All I can tell you is if you keep throwing him the ball, he is productive and makes big time plays. Like I stated before, Keyarris reminds me a lot of former Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston who the Saints would just keep throwing to and it didn’t matter if he looked open or not or if he got separation or not, they just kept throwing to him. Keyarris is not the normal receiver who runs normal routes and gets separation the normal way most receivers do. Nevertheless, he seems to run good routes and get separation and gets deep and somehow scores touchdowns and as long as he does that, the rest is just BS.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016