Kyle Murphy   OT/OG   Stanford

Kyle reminds me a lot of Bears Offensive lineman Kyle Long. He can play more than one position on the line of scrimmage because of his overall athletic talent. He shows on film sold lateral agility, but his best attributes is his quickness out of his stance when run blocking and his ability to get into his man quickly to overpower him. Kyle does a solid job when pass blocking and should be able to play right tackle or either guard position because of his quick feet and quickness off the snap. Kyle has excellent size and has those long arms that make it easy for him to make pass rushers take the longest route to his quarterback. He has the athleticism and foot speed to be used as a pulling offensive lineman and easily gets out in open space for screens and sweeps to make his blocks.

Kyle gained some unnecessary weight during the season and it affected his quickness off the ball and his physical stamina late in the game. This lack of stamina made him play sloppy and playing sloppy is not the way to become a starting offensive lineman in the NFL. If he wants to play and make offensive tackle money, he needs to stay in better shape and watch his weight. Kyle also needs to improve his pass blocking techniques. Right now he holds his hands too low allowing players to get into his body too quickly and loses leverage.

As long as Kyle watches his weight, he will be a starting offensive lineman very quickly after the draft for the team that selects him. He has played tackle on both sides of the offensive line for his college team and has done very well, but for the NFL, he most likely is a Pro Bowl right tackle with the ability to play left tackle in the right offense. His lateral agility is good, but his pass blocking techniques need a lot of improvement. Nevertheless, Kyle has shown excellent leadership skills through his play on the field and a great deal of mental stamina and work ethic to improve. Kyle can become a left tackle given some time and as long as he watches his weight and improves, but his impact position is at right tackle, where Iím confident he could dominate.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016