Leonard Floyd   ER/LB   Georgia

Leonard is a quick-twitch athlete who can play more than one linebacker position in any style of defense. His impact position for the next level is as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, but make no mistake about it -- he can play at a high level at any one of the linebacker positions. He has excellent coverage skills and his ability to rush the passer with mature techniques is one of the best in this draft class. He is quick off the line of scrimmage, has the flexibility to turn the corner and long arms to reach out and knock the ball down or sack the quarterback with surprising strength. Leonard has long strides that get him into the backfield quickly and also allow him to cover a tight end or slot receiver with surprising quickness. He is stout against the run easily shedding blockers and making tackles for losses and at the line of scrimmage. Leonard has played off the line and with his hand down on the line and seems to work well in either stance. He is very smart and shows leadership skills through his play on the field. Leonard is an impact player and a potential franchise player. He is the type of defensive player you build your defense around.

Leonard has had shoulder surgery recently, so that needs to be checked out, but I doubt there will be much of an issue. He needs to bulk up and get stronger to take the pounding at the next level. But once again, that shouldnít be much of a problem either.

Leonard has been playing out of position for his college team as an inside linebacker and although he has been doing an excellent job, I believe his impact will be as an edge rusher in a 3-4 defense because of his size, length, and ability to rush the passer. This kid is a joy to watch play the game and he doesnít miss a trick when he is out on the field. As an inside linebacker, he does a good job and is a form tackler. He understands angles and can shed blocks and also can drop off in zone or man coverage. When the put him on the line of scrimmage, he is so quick and fast that most tackles canít handle him at all. He does need to get stronger, but thatís just a matter of time. Once he does improve his lower and upper body strength, he should impact as a pass rusher, requiring opponent double teams and game planning. Leonard is flying below the radar for a few different reasons. First, he was playing a position that requires more bulk. Second, he has not been used that much to rush the passer and last, he got hurt and did not play in his bowl game and has not been able to play or work out. So people will have to turn on the film and really understand how well this kid is playing out of position and how good a pass rusher he is and until that happens most are not going to give Leonard as high a ranking as have. But this kid is the real deal.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016