Leonte Carroo   WR   Rutgers

Leonte plays the game of football like he is angry at the world. He has a strong body and hands; he reminds me a lot of the Panthers/Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. He is very smart running his routes as if he is playing chess setting up defensive backs for the next route that he will run to make a big play. He shows on film good after the catch skills and the lateral explosion to separate with good feet and balance to turn defenders around and spin them into the ground. He is the type of receiver that, when he comes back to the huddle, will tell you what route he should run because he has his defender all set up to break it for big yardage. If the offensive coordinator and quarterback are smart they will listen to him because chances are he’s right. With a very smart coaching staff this kid could be something special.

Leonte has had some off field issues, including allegations of domestic violence. Teams will have to decide for themselves through the interview process if he should be considered for drafting. From what I understand, the allegations were dropped and Leonte was reinstated but missed two games in the process for an alteration outside of the stadium that his girlfriend was involved in. He will drop some balls because strong hands sometimes are stiff hands. But that’s no reason not to draft him early in this draft.

I believe that Leonte’s off field baggage will affect what round he is selected in, but I don’t believe it will affect how he plays once he is on the field. Interviews will be the key for Leonte and if teams believe he should be drafted, I project he might be selected in the 2nd or 3rd round because of his size/speed ratio (in spite of my Talent Board Grade). He is the type of receiver that the Patriots could be looking for to add to their passing game because of his intelligence and strength. Like I said he reminds me a lot of Steve Smith; he might not be as fast, but he is smart and strong and holds his routes against bigger players like Steve does. Leonte does a solid job blocking for his teammates and like I said, plays the game with this “angry chip on his shoulder” attitude. That mentality can make him an impact receiver for the team that selects him as long as his off field issues are in his past.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016