Matt Ioannidis   DT/DE   Temple

Matt might be one of the smartest defensive linemen in this draft. He is deceivingly quick and has surprising strength in both his lower and upper body. This, along with excellent leverage helps him change the line of scrimmage to his advantage on almost every play. He is stout against the run handling double teams with ease that allows others on the line and in the linebacker positions to run free and make plays. Matt reminds me a lot of the Buffalo Bills DT Kevin Williams. He has the balance and quick feet to go along with a variety of mature pass rushing techniques to impact right away for the team that drafts him. Matt is a sleeper defensive lineman in this draft with the ability to play in any style of defensive front but his impact position will be playing over the left guard in a 4-3 defense.

Matt lacks the length and change of direction skills to rush the passer from the outside and turn the corner to make sacks. However, from the inside, he gives guards and centers all that they can handle and if you make a mistake he will make you pay.

Mattís body type and athletic limitations suggest heís not perfect, but this kid can play football. What I like about him is that if he plays on the nose in passing situations, he will push the pocket and get his hands up to knock passes down at the line. He does this more than any other lineman I have seen coming out of college, which shows the football intelligence that he possesses. Heís very quick and will do an excellent job shedding blocks and making tackles in the hole. He is quick enough to defeat the double team off the snap of the ball and he has the balance and foot speed to disrupt plays and make sacks or tackles for loss. I suspect there will be all sorts of excuses you will get from the experts to downgrade Matt. You will hear things like there is not much upside to his game, not enough athleticism, has short arms and more. However, all of those will have no affect on Mattís ability to play and impact at the next level. This is a well coached player, in fact the whole defense is coached very well and the players coming from this program are football smart. I think Matt will become a core player for the team that selects him and, in the right system, an impact player. Heís what I call a 4th quarter player because when all others are tired and ready to give up, Matt will make a play to bring the teamís momentum back. My guess is that unless Matt wows the scouts at the Senior Bowl and at the combine, he might not be selected as early as I suggest. So look at Robís board to see what round he will most likely will be selected in. But no matter what round he is selected, be happy your team selected him because Matt will be the type of football player your team needs to become a playoff team.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016