Max Tuerk   OC/OG/OT   USC

Max is an athletic offensive center who has played more than one position on the offensive line at a high level. He shows excellent leadership skills and is a tremendous pass blocker, using his athlete talent and leverage to defeat his opponent. He has the agility of a fullback when asked to block on the run or used as a pulling center or guard and, when going out to the second level to make a block on a linebacker, Max is one of the best in this draft. Max shows solid lateral agility as a center easily making that first step sideways to double team and help out less athletic guards. He is smart, exhibits leadership skills and can make all the snaps; with this type of athleticism and ability to play more than one position on your offensive line, Max is easily one of the better offensive linemen in this draft.

Maxís medicals and the fact that he cannot work out will affect his draft status, but not his play on the field. He also does have problems against the bull rush so he will have to get stronger and learn better techniques although because of his size this may always be a problem for him.

Max works in a pro style offense calling all the blocking assignments. He has played Tackle and Guard as well as Center -- all at a high level. He lacks the bulk you usually see in offensive linemen, but has more than enough athleticism and uses excellent overall techniques to compensate for that lack of bulk. He reminds me a lot of Max Unger who was drafted by the Seahawks and became their Super Bowl center. The Seahawks traded Max and it took almost half of the season before the offense got back on track. Now most will tell me that itís a coincidence, but Iím a person who doesnít believe in coincidences. Iím also a person who believes that offensive center is a skilled position and unless you have a very good one, your offense will struggle. Max Tuerk is a very good offensive center and giving him time to heal and maybe add some more strength and we will all see him in the playoffs very soon. We all know that most NFL teams donít rate the offensive center as a priority position and they feel they can find great centers any place in the draft. All I can say is ďto each their ownĒ. Look for Max somewhere on Robís board and if you need an offensive lineman who can play more than one position at a high level, hope your favorite team selects Max because he should be a good one and in the playoffs real soon.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016