Miles Killebrew   S/LB   Southern Utah

Miles has the size and speed to play as a linebacker or as a safety for the team that selects him. He has excellent instincts and burst to the play. He shows quickness and the toughness needed to cover those big pass catching tight ends and has good hands to intercept the ball. He is an excellent athlete with the confidence and football intelligence to take on any type of challenge. Miles will leave no doubt that he has tackled you. He comes at any running back or receiver in the open field like he was shot out of a gun. Heís always around the ball and is relentless trying to strip the ball from his opponent as he is making a tackle on just about every play. Heís a play maker and shows the leadership skills to be a coach on the field for your defensive backs. He reminds me a lot of Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu because of his speed and the football instincts to analyze a play with the pre-snap quickness needed to be an impact player on defense. Miles has the speed to play as a single free safety but also has the size and tenacity you want close to the line to help stop the run when needed.

Miles has to clean up his tackling in the open field. Right now he is a penalty nightmare spearing into players trying to separate them from the ball. He doesnít do it all the time and, in general, is a very good tackler but there are times he seems to play out of control. When a player plays out of control the injury bug shows up and keeps good players like Miles off the field. You canít make plays sitting in the trainerís room.

I think this kid is a big time player just waiting to get to the NFL. The team that selects him will not be able to keep him off the field. He has so much confidence and instincts that he shines the minute you see him on the field. He makes two to four impact and momentum changing plays in almost every game I have watch him play. If he is allowed to freelance just a little bit like the Steelers allowed safety Troy Polamalu, you will see how impacting Miles can be. Like I said, the potential to make plays and be a coach on the field with Miles overall athletic talent and size makes it a no-brainer to draft this kid early. Give him some time to get used to the faster life style of the NFL and to learn the offenses in his division and watch him fly around your teamís defense making plays all over the place. Trust me, just give him the ďsome timeĒ.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016