Nick Vannett   TE   Ohio St

Nick is a smooth, athletic, talented football player. His blocking in space and on the line is excellent because of his football intelligence and athletic talent. He has good feet and can be used all over the offense as a TE, H-Back and as a receiver to move the chains and score touchdowns in the red zone. Nick is a Tight End that is close to the talent of the Cowboys’ Jason Witten. He is not as big, but he is as talented both in blocking and catching the ball. Nick doesn’t drop many balls thrown to him and can catch the ball in the air with players all over him. He has those sure hands that allow him to be a red zone and moving the chains nightmare no matter what the down and distance is. Nick does a very good job blocking in space and can be used on third downs on the line or coming out of the backfield to block or catch the ball. He has a smooth gait when running routes that makes it easy for him to keep track of the ball in the air and adds to his talents in securing the ball.

Nick has to improve his route running and learn to be more in tune with his quarterback in reading defenses and understanding when to cut off his routes and get his head around quicker. Nick will have to get stronger and get quicker into his opponent when he is on the line blocking because he is just a bit undersized for the NFL and quickness, lateral agility are the two skills that will make up for a lack of size.

Nick has the potential to be an impact Tight End/H-back for the team that selects him, but he has to improve his route running to accomplish this. Blocking is nice, but to be a weapon and stay on the field, catching the ball makes the money. Right now Nick uses his body very well, but he needs to get more separation on some of the shorter routes to move the chains and be a weapon in the red zone. He has the quickness, but because of the level of players he has been up against, he makes his cuts and then slows down, allowing his opponent to catch up to him. If he does that on a third and five yard play at the next level, they will reach out and knock the ball down. Of course with a quarterback who throws on time and with accuracy, this might not be much of an issue at the next level in completing the pass, but it lessens his ability to gain much yardage after the catch and, for a Tight End, yardage after the catch is a big issue. For Nick to impact at the next level he will have to improve in the passing game, but as far as blocking, he should have no problems.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016