Paxton Lynch   QB   Memphis

Paxton is a bigger version of Aaron Rodgers. He has excellent arm talent to make all the throws. He stands in the pocket and throws under duress with accuracy. He can throw with accuracy on touch throws and on the run, making him the type of quarterback for the next level that has the athletic and arm talent to become a franchise quarterback. Paxton has a very strong arm and can throw the ball down the field with velocity and power that will cut through a defense like a lance slicing through the enemy on the field of battle. He has those long strides when he starts to move down the field covering a lot of ground quickly. What makes Paxton remind me so much of Aaron Rodgers is his agility and athletic talent to slide in the pocket, extend plays and throw with accuracy from any release point. Along with this athletic talent and excellent arm talent, Paxton shows in his play on the field to have excellent leadership skills and the ability to deal with pressure on the field, but also stay humble with confidence and deal with the pressure off the field. If you’re a team that needs a potential franchise quarterback, I suggest you don’t pass on selecting Paxton in this draft. He has the potential to re-write some of the passing records in the NFL.

Although Paxton is ahead of the curve with his athletic talent and arm strength, he will struggle to not turn the ball over at the next level until he gets used to the speed of the defenses he will be up against. Others will suggest that the competition level is also a concern, but really Paxton just has to keep his head on straight and keep improving in reading defenses and getting use to the speed of the defenses at the next level.

If you need a quarterback, I suggest you trade your mother, wife and your dog to move up in this draft to select Paxton. Remember, your dog will find its way back to you anyway so that’s a no brainer. Like I said, Paxton has Aaron Rodgers-type talent to throw the ball from any release point with accuracy on the run or standing in the pocket. He has the size that makes it very difficult to sack him with just one player and the agility to slide in the pocket or leave the pocket to extend the play. He has those quick feet to go along with long strides to cover a lot of ground quickly if he needs to run for the first down. Yes, he will have some growing pains, but the fans will see the potential the first play he runs after he is selected and they will wait patiently for Paxton to improve. Paxton can play under center or in the shot gun. He is smart and although the defenses he has been up against in college are not as difficult to read as the ones at the NFL level, he will learn quickly. Paxton is a franchise quarterback waiting to happen so don’t be dumb and not select him or that “happening” will be “happening” for some other team. In any draft all you can do is select players with the information you have in front of you at that time. My information says that selecting Paxton Lynch is obvious.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016