Pharoh Cooper   WR   South Carolina

Pharoh reminds me of a lot of the Packers’ Randle Cobb and if used in the same way, Pharoh can impact for the team that selects him. He is mentally tough and loves the physical aspect of the game in general. He has excellent hands and a big catch radius for his size and is fearless when catching the ball on any route. He has that Danny Woodhead type burst that makes it hard to cover him off the line of scrimmage. Pharoh has quick feet and good lateral agility and although he is not fast, he seems to run just as fast as he needs to in order to not get caught from behind. Inside of the forty yard line, he is a dangerous player catching the ball, making yardage after the catch and scoring. He is the type of player that drives opponents’ coaches to drink because he doesn’t seem to be fast or quick on film, but all he does is make impact plays and score touchdowns once the game starts. He has excellent football intelligence, the instincts and on field maturity that will allow him to play above and beyond his workout numbers.

All I can tell you is that, in watching the film, the size-speed ratio numbers most teams are looking for at the combine won’t be there for teams to draft Pharoh very high. I just think football is about not what a player does or doesn’t do in a workout, but what he does on the field.

You look at Pharoh and nothing physically stands out to draw your attention to him before the start of a game. He doesn’t look like the best athlete and is not the fastest -- in fact he looks like he might be a good special teams player, but that’s about it. Then the game starts and he starts making plays, getting into his opponent’s head and driving him crazy. Pharoh is not big enough or fast enough to impact, but for some reason, you can’t catch him on crossing routes and he always seems to jump higher and catch the ball above taller players. He throws option passes and they don’t seem to have the strength and velocity to make it to the receiver and yet, as you watch the ball it winds up being the perfect pass for a touchdown. He’s an impact player having fun and playing with a passion that seems to be lost in most players in today’s game, but most of all he is fearless. With his football intelligence and instincts, Pharoh is that type of player who will drive opposing coaches nuts. I mean seriously. I can just see coaches at half-time in a game screaming at their players, “For the love of God, please just tackle him and stop him from scoring!”

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016