Ronald Blair   DE   Appalachian State

Ronald has solid athletic talent but what stands out on film is the passion, effort and hand quickness he plays with on every play. He has an excellent burst off the snap and the football strength and leverage to play in a 2-gap defense, stuffing the run or in a 1-gap defense attacking, disrupting, making tackles for losses and sacking the quarterback. He is one of the quickest at shedding blocks and making tackles as well as slipping the double team and making tackles in the backfield. He has those long arms and legs and is into the backfield in three quick, strong, powerful steps. Ronald played up and down the line of scrimmage, but when he is up against right tackles, right guards and centers, Ronald is too quick to handle. His lateral agility is like a running back’s, taking a step into the gap and then moving quickly to the opposite gap free into the back field without any offensive lineman being able to touch him.

Ronald stands up too quickly at the line of scrimmage giving up his chest and this bad habit will cause him problems at the next level until it is corrected. On his pass rush, he comes from a four point stance and doesn’t drive into the backfield quickly. When Ronald uses the correct pass rushing stance and comes off the ball, you can see how quick and fast he is into the backfield with long strides getting his opponent off balance very easily. The biggest issues that Ronald will have to overcome are some off field issues. To my knowledge none of those issues involved drugs or domestic violence.

Ronald can play all over your defensive line in a 1-gap or 2-gap defense. He can play on the nose on passing downs giving you a pass rush up the middle. He can play as a Defensive End in a 4-3 or 3-4 because he is so stout against the run and sheds blocks easily. There is no problem with the level of competition that Ronald played at because one look at his game against Clemson where he had 7 unassisted tackles and 2 sacks tell you all you need to know about level of competition. That game proved to me that Ronald has the talent to be the same disruptive force at the next level that he has been at the college level because of his talent and football intelligence. He has some techniques to correct on the field and if he can keep his off field issues from affecting him on the field, Ronald could be as good a defensive lineman as Tampa bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoy.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016