Sheldon Day   DT   Notre Dame

Sheldon has those long arms and legs that make him play bigger than his size. He has a pass rusher’s burst off the line of scrimmage and gets into the opponent’s backfield deep and with just two long strides. Sheldon has the ability to make an offensive lineman become off balance very quickly because of those long strides and because he has a short torso as his chest is lower than most players, which makes it hard for offensive lineman to get a punch on him and stop his momentum. He does a solid job defending against the run using his long arms to keep offensive linemen off his body to shed and make tackles. He has good quick feet and when he changes directions, although he is not as quick as most players are, he gains a lot more ground than most because of his long strides. Sheldon is an effort player right now but once he gets into a pro program and learns the intricacies of his position, he will become more of a pass rusher nightmare than he has been at the college level.

You just have to give him some time to become stronger in his lower body and learn more mature pass rushing moves and Sheldon will give offensive linemen fits in a year or two. Sheldon needs to learn how to use his height to his advantage and not give his chest away so much. He is a natural fit as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, which could affect his value to some teams and well as where he is rated and selected. Also, measuring at 6’1” will make teams wonder if he can make an impact at the next level. I don’t have a problem with his height, but some teams will.

Although Sheldon measured at the Senior Bowl at 6’1” 286 Lbs, his arm span measurements (32”) are equal to the 6’4” players and combined with his long legs, this allows him to play bigger than his 6’1” height would suggest. Sheldon has a short torso and that means bigger offensive lineman will be hitting his shoulders rather than hitting him in his chest. Sheldon will learn that it is easy to come up with his arms, and knock those hands off his shoulders and go right under those bigger offensive linemen with his long strides. Because of Sheldon’s long arms he will be able to keep bigger players off his body and those long arms will also allow him to get a lot of holding calls against him. Like I said, give Sheldon some time to get into strength and conditioning program and learn the tricks of the trade and the team that selects him should have a double digit pass rusher and a core player for its defense.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016