Shon Coleman   OT   Auburn

Shon looks the part of a prototypical offensive tackle for the next level. He has the size, long arms and quick feet that are needed at the next level. He plays with a lot of pride as demonstrated by his leadership on the field. Shon can play Right or Left Tackle, both at a very high level. When he uses the correct technique to keep players off his body and a hand punch to stun his opponent, Shon is as good an offensive lineman as any in the draft. He is smart and does an excellent job going out to the second level or getting out for screens and sweeps to his side. Shon has the size, athleticism and the mental strength to become an excellent offensive tackle for the team that selects him.

Shon struggles with consistency using his techniques. He gets off balance because he lunges at times when pass blocking. When this happens, he can easily get beat which is not good for a Left Tackle. The fast, quick, pass rushers who will force him into lunging will have a field day with this at the next level. He has to be more patient and, if a defender is too quick for his initial hand punch, Shon has to move his feet and reset and wait for that defender to come back to him. This will take some time to correct because this issue is a physical and mental technique issue that some offensive linemen never seem to correct.

If Shon wants to play Left Tackle at the next level he must correct this one flaw of re-setting when a defender is quicker than Shonís ability to stunt him on the line of scrimmage. I have seen him turn his hips and push players up the field when he gets beat, but that happens only when Shon is protecting against a counter move by the pass rusher. He has to learn against the quicker pass rushers not to panic and go after them and get off balance but to protect the angle that the rusher has to take to get to the quarterback. Thatís what an offensive tackle is there for to protect the three import angles a pass rusher has to take to the quarterback. Those three angles are up the field, a direct bull rush and underneath. Thatís why itís easier for a tackle to pass block for a pocket passer because those three angles are established. If that OT canít get his hands on a pass rusher his job is to figure out which of those three angles that rusher is most likely to select. Itís obvious when a pass rusher is going to bull rush or take the underneath angle because they have to engage. If they donít engage that means they are most likely going to take the high side and that angle has to be defended by the tackle getting to it before the pass rusher gets to it. Thatís the basics of pass blocking for the tackle position but of course there are counter moves etc, and of course that is why you look for athletic talent to counter those counter moves. Itís hard to mentally and physically think of angles first when defending but the great Left Tackles do it because first they have the athletic talent and second they have excellent mental toughness not to panic. Shon has this potential it just has to come out and when it does he will be an excellent Left Tackle and not just a Right Tackle who can play Left Tackle in a pinch.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016