Suía Cravens   LB/S   USC

There is a lot of talent in this kid and when he plays off the line of scrimmage as a true safety, he is a playmaking machine. He has excellent technique on the line of scrimmage against the run and is used a lot in the slot in coverage against receivers, but for me, he doesnít make enough plays on the line of scrimmage compared to the plays he makes as a pure safety. Suía shows excellent feet and good change of direction skills; when he is playing safety, he shows the instincts of a viper going after its prey making decisions on how much venom to release on every bite. As a linebacker, he has good talent, but he gets swallowed up and has less of an impact. In his defense, playing linebacker is still new to him and he still hesitates a lot and this makes him miss tackles and come too late to finish the play. For me, Suía is a pure safety and as a pure safety, his instincts and football intelligence can be used to be the playmaker his natural athletic talents will let him be.

Up on the line of scrimmage, Suía hesitates and thinks too much, but as I said, the position of linebacker is new to him and Iím sure he can improve. His techniques against the run are very good, but he gets swallowed up and doesnít get off blocks to make tackles. He also tackles low like a safety, which allows running backs to gain too much yardage against him. As a Linebacker, he also misses a ton of tackles and this does not make up for the plays he does make during a game. Also, as a linebacker, he is not as involved in the passing game and he is excellent at intercepting the ball. As a linebacker, he is used more as a pass rusher and truthfully from outside the tackles he doesnít get to the quarterback enough. My guess is that he is thinking too much and worried the quarterback is going to escape.

Itís real simple for me: as a linebacker, he is solid and makes some plays. However, as a safety, he is a totally dangerous player who makes plays that change the flow of a game. I like him off the ball and making plays, not on the line being handled and sometimes making a play or two when he is not overmatched. To me, it was a big mistake asking him to come up to the line and it affected his draft status and hopefully the team that selects him will put him back at safety and let the kid fly to the ball and make plays. At least thatís what I would do because it seems obvious when looking at film of him playing safety you see a player who can leap small buildings in a single bound and when he plays linebacker all I see is a mild mannered reporter, doing a good job. Big difference.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016