Vadal Alexander   OG/OT   LSU

Vadal has good overall athletic talent to play more than one position on the offensive line. He shows quick feet and has just enough foot speed to be used as a pulling guard or tackle. He uses solid overall techniques and this year, playing Right Tackle seemed to fit him better than playing guard in the past. Vadal shows on film that he can handle speed rushers by turning his hips and driving them up the field when he is getting beat. Vadal has the football intelligence, athletic talent and techniques to become a starting Right Tackle for the team that selects him in this draft.

Vadal has improved and has lost weight this year which shows that he just might have the work ethic to keep improving. However, all of this improvement was in the last year of college and it makes you wonder once a contract is signed how much he will continue to improve. He needs to work hard on his upper and lower body strength because as he improves in those areas, you can see on film that he gets more aggressive and confident. With that confidence building this year you can see some leadership skills in his play and more pride in his blocking.

I believe that Vadal has a future as a Right Tackle in the NFL. I like his potential at that position although Iím sure if he builds up his body with the needed strength and continues to work hard, he should be able to play guard and even be moved inside to the important Left Guard position. I donít think he has the athletic quickness laterally to play Left Tackle but you never know. The key is for Vadal to continue with a good work ethic to improve in all facets of his game and when he reaches his peak athletic talent, along with the ability to use good technique, should allow Vadal to become a core offensive lineman for the team that selects him. He has a good future if he continues on the same path of overall improvement he has been on this year.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016