Vernon Hargreaves   CB   Florida

Vernon is a quick-twitch corner with excellent strength and talent. He is a ball hawk and shows on film excellent hands to catch the ball for the interception. Vernon has the natural ability to adjust to the ball when itís in the air in coverage and the vertical leap to high point and fight for the ball against those tall receivers. He is a solid tackler which, along with his ball skills, will allow the team that drafts him to use him at any defensive back position in zone or single coverage. Vernon likes the challenge of single coverage on the best receiver of his opponentís team. He has excellent quick feet and can flip his hips and stay with just about any receiver he is up against at the college level. Vernon has the upper body strength to be used in tight bump and run coverages. He is smart and knows where the first round markers are all the time as heíll come up very quickly to make the sure tackle and stop bigger receivers from gaining extra yardage and making the first down. Vernonís ability to catch the ball and adjust in the air to make plays sets him apart from most corners in a draft. This, along with his quick twitch and coverage talent, should make most teams think that Vernon is a top defensive back for the next level.

Vernon is not as tall as most teams are looking for in a cornerback, but because of his vertical leap and ability to adjust to the ball in the air in single coverage as well as his receiver like hands, I believe the height concerns are nullified. However, for me personally, he has to clean up and become a more consistent FORM tackler. With his lack of size, if he is not a form tackler at the next level, he will become a liability. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive ALL of the time and not just some of the time.

For the purpose of this draft, Vernon might be downgraded because of his lack of size and length but that doesnít mean anything once he makes an NFL team. This kid will impact because of his very unique receiver-like ability to intercept the ball. Being able to adjust to the ball in the air like a receiver and high point the ball while in coverage is the same type of mental and physical talent a mother needs to be able to multi-task taking care of the entire family (logistics and all) on a airplane trip to an amusement park for a one week vacation. Vernon can shut down those small, quick, fast receivers and against those bigger ones? All I can say is that your quarterback had better be accurate or youíll be trying to tackle Vernon after he picks one (or more) off. Using Vernon in zone coverage as a safety will be possible because he is a good tackler in most cases. Using him only on passing downs this way will allow for his ball hawking skills to impact. He is excellent at reading routes and anticipating where quarterbacks will throw the ball when he is used as a free safety in those situations. Iím not suggesting you move him to safety -- Iím just saying donít be afraid to move him around your defensive back field to take advantage of all of his talents to intercept the ball. It will be to his -- and your teamís -- advantage. You might even think about using him as a receiver in certain situation as he has that type of talent.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2016