Vonn Bell   S   Ohio St

Vonn’s best asset that he brings to the team that selects him is his football intelligence, which along with the skill to tackle, is what I look for in an NFL safety. Vonn is a “zone aware” player and by that I mean that he understands the importance of “special awareness” when playing zone coverage. He is the type of safety you don’t notice because the opponent was not able to throw deep all game long because the quarterback would look down field and see that Vonn was always in the correct position with the correct angle to defeat the pass if it was thrown. Vonn is the type of safety that doesn’t seem like he is affecting a game when he is doing exactly that -- keeping everything in front of him and always with the correct angles. I doubt there is a smarter football player in this draft and if you’re a team that plays a lot of zone coverage, you might want to draft Vonn and value him higher than most who don’t because of his football intelligence and his sure tackling skills.

Vonn doesn’t have the quick make-up speed and burst you like to see for him to play a lot of single coverage, but he doesn’t lack the techniques and intelligence. Although at times he will be easy to match-up against in the opponents’ favor, make sure your quarterback doesn’t make a mistake because Vonn will be there to make you pay.

Vonn really understands his job and although he might not be a standout or flashy player, he is a very good player. There are two players Vonn reminds me of in his style of play: Jim Leonard and Mark Kelso. Both players were undersized players who were coaches on the field and on every defensive squad they played, those teams had excellent defenses and it was not by mistake. Vonn is not undersized, but he plays the position anonymously just like Leonard and Kelso. They were anonymous to the fans and the opponents’ coaches until the game was played and then they drove defensive coordinators and quarterbacks crazy when they tried to make big plays in the passing game against them. Their attention to detail defined the way they played their position. Vonn makes the players around him better because of his football intelligence and is always in the right position to “scare” quarterbacks away from making throws down the field. That’s why Vonn is not flashy and doesn’t seem to make a lot of plays when in actuality he is stopping quarterbacks and offensive coordinators from attempting to make big plays in the first place. You will see a lot of quarterbacks hanging onto the ball too long when looking to go deep. You will see quarterbacks double clutching and going to check downs and you will see quarterbacks try to reload and make inaccurate passes, but what you won’t see too much is a lot of interceptions by Vonn unless it’s a tip ball or a poor pass off target because of Vonn’s influence. Vonn might not be the all around cover safety most teams seem to be looking for nowadays, but he will become an excellent player for the team that selects him if a team can accept the fact that on the stat sheets he might be anonymous.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2016