Will Fuller   WR   Notre Dame

Will has the speed and the lateral agility to impact at the next level. He has those soft hands and can adjust to the ball in the air to make a great catch that will break a game wide open. He runs excellent routes and, as an outside receiver in a spread offense, Will can become an impact player and the type of player who requires more than one defender. Will is the type of receiver who somehow gets behind the defense even when the defense knows that he is going to be running a deep route. He has that sneaky way of running routes against zone coverage that leaves him open on almost every play and, with a strong arm quarterback to throw the ball to him, he can drive a zone coverage team crazy. Because of his quickness, lateral agility and excellent route running, he is a handful against single coverage and most corners will need help from a safety to shut him down and even then, Iím not convinced you can keep him from impacting. Will has some after-the-catch skills because of his lateral agility, but the truth is that you are drafting him for his ability to get behind the defense against single and zone coverages and Will can do that with surprising ease. He is a willing blocker, looks to be a good teammate and loves to catch the ball deep and make the big play.

He is not the type of receiver you can build your passing game around because of his lack of bulk to take the pounding of an every down receiver. In spite of his speed and quickness, working Will in routes that put his body up for hard hits is not the smartest way to use him. Keep him on the outside, have him run routes inside or out to the sidelines and deep and not many over the middle and he can stay on the field and impact. He lacks the bulk to be your franchise receiver, but has the moxie to be your impact receiver.

Willís talents, receiving skills and size remind me a lot of former Colts HOF receiver Marvin Harrison. Marvin was not forced to run all the routes on the route tree because the coaches and the quarterback knew that running all the routes would most likely get him injured. So they made sure he was on the outside and didnít run too many routes to the middle of the field and, when he did, the quarterback threw the ball low so that Marvin would get down after his catch. If Will is used the same way with an excellent quarterback who can throw deep with accuracy, he can be an impact player; however, he has to stay healthy and on the field to establish this. Will is sneaky good, sneaky fast, sneaky quick and has the hands and the ability to adjust to the ball in the air and make the difficult catch down the field. What he lacks is the bulk and believe me that will not change Ė itís just his body type -- so be smart, use him wisely and he will be an impact player for the team that selects him.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2016