William Jackson III   CB/FS   Houston

William has the size and length that all the teams are looking for right now to handle those tall receivers in the NFL. He has good overall speed and is a willing tackler. William has those long arms that make it easy for him to trail receivers and at the last minute reach up and knock balls down or leap and intercept the ball. He shows excellent hands to catch the ball and has that ball-hawk mentality. He has zone coverage skills as well as decent, but limited, man-to-man skills and because he is a willing tackler, he could play more than one position in the defensive backfield. He shows good communication skills and some leadership ability as well. He reminds me a lot of the Eagles CB/S Walter Thurmond and if William is used in a defense the same way Walter is, he can have an impact for the team that selects him.

William lacks the lateral agility to change direction with the quickness and explosion the top cornerbacks need to stay with the receivers at the next level. That doesnít mean he canít do it, but he will have to play smarter and understand his own limitations and learn much better techniques to minimize those long legs that sometimes are a gift and other times are a curse. William will also have to clean up his tackling techniques. He is a willing tackler but his techniques are poor and he has to gain more control and break down better in open space to make better tackles in the open field.

There is a lot of talent to work with, but there is also a lot of work that William has to do to clean up his game and become the impact player he would like to be. I think he has the work ethic and football intelligence to do it, but it will take some time. Meanwhile using him in nickel-dime packages in both zone schemes and single coverage would be the smart move to get William acclimated to the next level. He can play more than one position and he should be able to cover those big receivers and pass catching tight ends in the slot or out on the edge but he will have to add a little more bulk and strength so those bigger players canít push him around and he has to use better tackling techniques. Thatís something he really has to work on and get betterÖtackling. He is a willing tackler but is sloppy at times and at other times dives at players head first and that is just not going to cut it in the NFL. Like I said he reminds me of the Eaglesí Walter Thurmond and if used the same way he will impact.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2016