Adoree Jackson   CB/WR/ST   USC


Adoree might be the best athlete in this entire draft. He is a defensive playmaker and an offensive and special teams impact player. He is quick and fast and that is a recipe for disaster for opponents. He has those quick feet and hips that make it easy for him to cover. Adoree has excellent hands to catch the ball and in the open field is a master at gaining yards after intercepting the ball. He is very dangerous and a ball hawk when playing zone coverage and when he intercepts the ball you better have players on offense who know how to tackle because he will take it all the way if you donít. As a special teamís returner heís worth his weight in gold and can be as impactful as Devin Hester was for the Chicago Bears, he has that type of return talent.

Adoree has the athletic talent to be an excellent cornerback but because of that athletic talent he has fallen into some very bad habits that will haunt him at the next level. He is not reading receivers and not understanding the route tree. He is very susceptible to double moves because he looks too quickly into the back field and is looking too much for the interception. He is a sloppy tackler and will have to build up his upper body strength if he wants to become a starting cornerback and handle the bigger receivers. Also his size on defense makes susceptible to injuries and medical injuries and history will affect his draft status.

My thinking is, because Adoree has such good hands and quick athletic talent that I would like to see the ball in his hands more on the offensive side. On offense he can become a slot receiver or third down specialty player and a returner on specials teams but as a cornerback he is a little small and doesnít have the stoutness that you look for in cornerbacks against the bigger receivers and he doesnít get his hands on the ball enough to impact. Also if he stays on the defensive side he has a learning curve along with bulking up before he can become the defensive player his talents suggest. He can play bigger than his size because of his leaping abilities but he has to clean up his tackling and ďwantĒ to handle those running backs and big receivers running sweeps and screens to his size and right now that is not one of his best attributes. Adoree has the talent to be a stand out cornerback but Iím not convince thatís were his head is at. It seems like he wants to play more on offense than defense and if thatís true, than teams will have to make their draft decisions based on that. My point is no matter what side of the ball he plays on there will be a learning curve but as he learns he can impact on special teams like Devin Hester did and that alone is worth a first round talent grade on my boardÖjust not an early one. I look for him on Robís board and make my selections and Draft Day management decisions based on what round he may be listed in. You do that and Adoree could be one of the stealís of this draft for the team that selects him.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017