Alex Anzalone   LB   Florida


Alex is a smart linebacker with cover skills and Pass rushing skills that are rare for a linebacker. He can play inside or outside in any style of defense and that makes him very valuable to all thirty two teams at the next level. Alex is a playmaker and because he is so smart he understands offenses and can anticipate the play before the snap and that makes it easy for him to make impact plays. He has solid speed and very good quickness and can run players down from behind. Alex might be the best linebacker in this draft at getting off blocks because of his lateral agility. When he rushes the passer from off the line or on the line he is quick and fast and doesnít stop his attack when he meets his blocker. He will even make double moves when pass rushing always moving his feet to gain advantage against less athletic offensive lineman, tight ends and even running backs who donít have the lateral agility to block him. As far as athletic talent Alex can be used as a cover linebacker, a pass rushing linebacker and in the middle to stop the run. He can be used as a MLB in a Tampa two defense also. Alex reminds me a lot of Cowboys Sean Lee but like Sean he has to stay on the field to impact and that has been a problem in the past.

Like I said he reminds me a lot of Sean Lee and like Sean, Alex has a history of injuries that boggle the mind. Alex has the talent to be selected in the first round but I will not be surprised if he drops because of his injury history. He has to get on a better strength and conditioning program and has to stay on the field so that his talent can impact or he will just go from team to team having injury after injury until he makes it too pension status.

This is an easy profile, great player with excellent talent to play more than one position with the football intelligence to impact at any one of those positions but canít stay on the field enough to impact. So what round do you select him in? My guess is that he should be sitting there in the second round for some smart team to select and like Sean Lee if and when he can stay on the field he will become one of the steals of this draft. In the 2010 Draft I listed Sean Lee in my top ten list knowing full well that Sean would never be selected in the top ten but talent has nothing to do with value of a players talent to a team. Talent is Talent and Alex has talent. When you see him on film itís pretty hard not to see it. Now the key is deciding his value. Look on Robís board for what round he most likely will be selected and donít wait too long to pass on him. Injuries aside, Alex is an impact linebacker, in fact heís an impact football playerÖhe just has to stay on the field.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017