Alvin Kamara   RB   Tennessee


Alvin is a solid third down running back with good hands out of the back field to catch the ball. In open space Alvin has the speed to gain yardage. He shows on film good effort when blocking and picking up blitzing linebackers and does a good job on chip blocks. Alvin could be a good running back in a zone blocking scheme when asked to run between the tackles. Right now with what I see on film Alvin is a situational running back with special team return skills that if given good blocking in front of him can impact.

Alvin is not the type of running back who can carry your teams running game. His blocking is marginal and he will have to become more aggressive when blocking to protect the quarterback. He is not strong enough to break tackles and does not show the lateral agility and explosiveness that he will need and the next level to be a full time running back. He does have good speed and shows good hands to catch the ball and in open space he can gain some big yardage because of his speed.

Alvin has to learn better patience when running behind his blockers. He has to learn to set up blocks better and he has to become a much better blocker when protecting his quarterback. He does have some talent as a slot receiver because he does show good hands but as a running back, if he doesn’t learn to play with more aggressiveness when blocking and more patience when running he will be swallowed up in the sea of average running backs who came out in the draft with high expectations that never seem to reach them.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017