Amara Darboh   WR   Michigan


Amara reminds me a lot of the Dolphins Jarvis Landry. His style of running and the way he catches the ball are similar. His route running is far beyond the normal player coming out of college and his catch radius is large because he will sell out his body to make a catch. He is a good blocker and has good enough speed but truthfully what he brings to the team that separates him from others is his mature route running ability to get open when most do not. Like Jarvis he will move the chains and show up in the big games and make the tough contested and acrobatic catches. Amara shows leadership skills through his play on the field and should be able to play inside or outside depending on field position.

Amara (like Jarvis) doesn’t have any “outstanding” talent to hang your hat on and make you think he can carry your passing game. He just catches the ball, gains first downs, scores touchdowns and makes the clutch play when you team needs it the most.

That clutch play could be a block or a toe drag or a route that opens up the middle for another receiver to be open. That clutch play could be talking on the side line to his quarterback who might be rattled and settling him down. That clutch play could be advising his receiving teammate to run routes differently so that he can get open. Amara has a little street ball in him because he reads the defense and understands the intricate mistakes defensive players make on the field and times using those mistakes against them to get open to make a clutch play. Amara notices the safety moving in one direction, the same way before the snap of the ball every time his offense lines up a particular formation. He’s the type of player who will go back to the huddle and wait for the call and then tell the QB that instead of a “nine route” on that play he’s going to run a deep “in” route because the middle will be wide open for him to score or make the first down and dam if he isn’t right. And why is he right you ask…because Amara remembers that safety moving the same way every time the offense line up in that particular formation. Every team needs a receiver like Amara on their team to be successful. He might not be the best receiver on the team but he will be one of the most important players on the field for your team.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017