ArDarius Stewart   WR   Alabama


ArDarius is one of the smartest receivers in this draft. He has good speed and good hands and can play inside or outside depending on down and distance and field position. He has excellent feel for running routes against zone coverageís and is one of the smartest in this draft at understanding how to get open when a play breaks down. ArDarius could be your emergency third quarterback in a game because he can throw the ball as well or better than most quarterbacks you could pick in the latter rounds of this draft. Because of ArDarius football intelligence you can move him around your offense at different positions on the line as a receiver and coming out of the back field on third downs. ArDarius is one of the best blocking players in this draft. He can block in open space better than most players in the NFL right now. ArDarius is a multi- position player with football intelligence, good speed, good hands, and excellent blocking ability and in pinch could be considered your emergency quarterback. I think thatís a pretty good player to add to your team at some point in a draft.

If ArDarius wants to be considered more than a zone receiver or slot receiver he has to learn to run routes at different speeds and run routes smarter and quicker to gain better separate. If you wants to become more of a third down back because of his ability to block he would have to add more bulk and lower body strength to break tackles and make third down yardage. Right now he is a bit of a tweener with talent to work and improve in both areas.

I know that ArDarius was used as a receiver for his college team but he was also used all over the offense and in using him all over the offense and because of his football intelligence and ability to block, it has stunted his growth at just one position. I guess what you have to figure out with ArDarius is what does he want to do at the next level? Will he be a pure wide receiver or continue on the path of a specialty player? His talent as a receiver looks to be in the slot or third receiver who gives you some impact on special teams. But what I see on film is the ability to use him as a third down back out of the back field because of his blocking a receiving ability also. The decision has to be made because in both case ArDarius has improvement left to do. My thinking is use him as your slot receiver or third receiver and see if he can develop his route running to become a full time receiver. His talent and style reminds me a little of former wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills Andre Reed. Andre had good talent but it took awhile for him to develop his route running. ArDarius could be the same style of receiver that Andre was, given enough time and if he pushes himself to the next level of his talent. As far as Iím concerned for the purposes of this draft, you have to consider ArDarius as a third receiver who will work out of the slot with special teamís talent who could save you a roster spot on game day as your emergency quarterback. If he wants to bulk up and become a third down back that would be fine with me but whatever happens ArDarius has some improvement to do to become an impact player.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017