Brad Kaaya   QB   Miami


Brad has the arm talent and accuracy of a veteran NFL quarterback. He is tough and in spite of his thin build can take a hit in the pocket and bounce back up with the toughest QBís at any level. Brad is very smart and given the time in the pocket will pick a defense apart, indentifying its weaknesses with the accuracy of radar identifying an attacking plane. He shows could arm strength and touch with excellent velocity when he needs it. Brad shows excellent mental strength and leadership skills and works well with his coaches to adjust during the game. Heís the type of quarterback who understands how to throw his receivers open and that is maturity beyond most quarterbacks coming out in the draft. Brad has good size, arm strength, football intelligence and accuracy. I think any team would like to select a quarterback with that type of potential. I know I would.

You going to have to make the decision on whether Bradís lack of winning is because of his offensive line not being very good or because he just doesnít have the ďitĒ factor that a QB has to have to win at the next level.

I think Brad (Radar) Kaaya has the ability to impact in the first year of playing in the NFL as Derek Carr has had for his NFL team. He has that type of football intelligence and athletic talent. He might not have as strong an arm but his arm strength is certainly good enough to make all the throws with authority for the next level. Brad has had to play with teammates that are not as savvy as he is and sometimes that makes it look like Brad was not that good. The truth is when youíre throwing to players who donít adjust to the ball quick enough it will make the QB look like he is at fault when in actuality the QB is seeing things the receiver is not. Example; A receiver runs a slant route and doesnít identify if its zone or single coverage. Brad identifies zone and throws the ball to the receivers outside shoulder to keep him from getting his head knocked off from the safety coming from the middle. The receiver doesnít adjust and misses the pass and it looks like Brad is not accurate. My point is, Brad on an NFL team with receivers who have the football intelligence will help Brad reach the potential his athleticism, intelligence and leadership skills suggest that he can become. Brad (Radar) Kaaya will be a much better and winning QB at the NFL level than he was at the college level, trust me. I told you about Derek Carrís potential (See Archives) with a 1st round grade on him and now Iím telling you about Bradís potential with a 1st round talent grad on him.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017