Budda Baker   S/CB/ST   Washington


Budda is listed at about 5’10” but let me tell, on film he plays like he’s 6’1”. He’s a remarkable fluid athlete with talent to play more than one position on defense and I suspect on offense too if you needed him. He’s instinctive with the play in front of him and has the makeup quickness if a player gets behind him in coverage. Budda is a leader through his play on the field and can be used close to the line of scrimmage because of his sure tackling talents. He has excellent cover skills and without a doubt could be an excellent cover corner, he has the skills. Budda’s quickness and instincts are above the norm for a college player. When you watch Budda on film you’re looking at a player who loves the physical part of the game of football and loves to make plays tackling, breaking up passes, sacking the quarterback or making tackles for losses. He loves to intercept the ball and take it for a pick six and I suspect he would be excellent on the special team’s coverage units also. His play is infectious and the type of player every playoff team has to have to reach the big game.

Budda is vertically challenged for his position so the possibility of injuries will be a concern for some teams. Also, at his size most teams will be looking for 4.4 speed so the combine is big for Budda to prove that. I see excellent quickness and make up speed on film but the lack of quality quarterbacks and receivers he went up against consistently might come into play for some teams also. If he shows the speed teams are looking for the big decision will be what position to play him at so that he can stay on the field because you want this kid on the field as much as possible.

I had to watch a few different years of film on this kid to get a read on him because he is so good most teams just played away from him as much as possible this year. The last year of film is impressive but watching the years before made me realize that this kid could be something special. He is so smooth in coverage his talent is deceiving. He’s smart and knows how to bait quarterbacks into throwing deep. When it happens you think he is beat and then all of a sudden he is back in the picture reaching his hand up and snatching the ball out of the air for an interception. You better be quick getting the ball off when he comes blitzing from the slot position or he will sack you or find away to disrupt the play. Try a sweep he will shed the block and make the tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Size will be the only issue teams will have to downgrade Budda because his impact is playing up near the line of scrimmage more than back deep. Most of the time safeties with Budda’s size limitations are selected in the 2nd or 3rd rounds but there are always exceptions. If Budda can prove he can play corner or safety his value will increase and that is when he just might be selected by some smart playoff team late in the first round. I think Budda is an exception and I think he has obvious talent to impact as a defensive player and you know what I think about players with obvious talent. You select them early…that’s obvious to me.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017