Cam Robinson   OL   Alabama


Cam is a surprising athletic big man and has improved in his overall game this year in all facets. He has good foot speed and moves very well in the open field to make blocks at the second level and on sweeps and screen plays. He does a good job firing out in the run game with good pad level to gain leverage on his opponent. Heís a naturally powerful person with excellent natural lower body strength. Cam has those long arms that teams love to see when analyzing a player for the tackle position at the next level. Although Cam has improved this year there is still a lot left for Cam to learn and that suggest that he has tremendous upside for the team that select him.

Cam had some serious off field issues that were addressed at Alabama. NFL Teams will have to decide for themselves if Cam is mature enough to handle the next level on and off the field. Cam struggles in pass protection because he lacks the techniques and understanding on how to recover once he THINKS he is beaten. He moves his feet well enough but lunges and reaches and that puts him off balances and makes it easy to dominate in the passing game. He is slow to pick up stunts and lateral agility seems to be good but his decision making and lack of quick thinking makes him slow to react at the college level. Camís physical talents may fit the left tackle position on paper, but for the next level he will have to be moved to the right side and hope he motivates himself to want to play on the left side eventually. At least thatís how I see it.

Right now for the next level you have to think of Cam as a potential right tackle who could eventually become an excellent left tackle in the mold of the Redskins Trent Williams. He could be that good but there are questions on and off the field that make it hard to trust this kid and select him early in this draft for me. Off field issues seem to be behind him and thatís a good thing but the improvement in his game this year seem to only happen when Cam made the decision half way through the year (in his mind) to declare. That makes me think his work ethic is only monetarily driven. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing except if itís his only goal. I suspect Cam will be selected earlier than I have him rated. He will work out and impress everyone with his athletic talents and he has improved this year. I also can understand that for most people that there is no reason to think Cam wonít continue to improve except it bothers me that after all the off field issues and lack of learning correct techniques on the field that he has decided to come out early. That to me (in his case) sends a signal of a lack of reality, maturity, and suggest that he still has a problem of listening and following others advice. That was the problem off the field that most likely got him into trouble with guns and drugs. But remember this about Cam, he could eventually be as good as Trent Williams and thatís pretty good. A business decision will be at hand. For me, first round money is out of the question to invest in Cam but thatís just me. Then again offensive lineman with his athletic talent, are hard to find and if you want him than you have to select him in the first round. Youíre the GM; you make the call and hope this kid doesnít get you fired. I can tell you this; he wonít get you fired if you donít pick him in the first round, but he COULD if you doÖsomething to think about as your feeding your children.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017