Cameron Sutton   CB   Tennessee


Cameron has the raw talent to become an excellent corner back for the team that selects him. He has excellent speed and quickness and has the make up speed and quickness to recover when he gets beat. He comes up quickly to support the run and is a willing tackler in open space. Cameron can help you on special teams also. He has good return talent and good hands and he shows some leadership skills through his play on the field. Cameron has the talent to impact and become one of your top players on your defense. Nevertheless he has some important issues that he has to improve on in spite of his talent.

Cameron is a guesser. That means instead of reading the play and letting things come to him and reacting accordingly he tries to guess what is going to happen because he wants to make the big play. His techniques are poor relying on his good athletic talent to bail him out when he has guessed wrong. He doesn’t read the receiver until it’s too late, looking into the backfield from the snap of the ball. Because of his size and lack of bulk he won’t be moved to the safety position so this “looking into the backfield crap” he does from the snap of the ball is a big problem. He is a willing tackler but not a great tackler but that could be cleaned up. The biggest issue for Cameron is this guessing to make the big play. It will be his downfall if he doesn’t stop it.

Cameron reminds me a lot of former Buffalo Bills 2008 first round draft pick, Leodis McKelvin who never stops trying to guess what was going to happen on the field instead of just reading and then reacting. Cameron will attract teams in this draft because of his talent and return skills but if he doesn’t stop forcing his play on the field he will struggle to be anything more than a nickel/dime DB with return talents. That’s not bad and he can make a lot of money and have a decent career but his talents suggest that he can be more than that.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017