Carlos Henderson   WR   Louisiana Tech


Carlos has talent similar to Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. He has that type of speed and quickness in and out of his breaks. He shows the acrobatic body to adjust to the ball in the air and the hands to one catch the ball or two catch the ball while being contested. Carlos is a little stronger gaining yardage after the catch while Odell might be a little faster but both have the quickness to be impact receivers in the NFL. His lower body strength is evident when he is returning kicks and breaking tackles after the catch to gain more yardages. Carlos has the potential to become a franchise receiver for the team that selects him.

As always with receivers their success depends on being able to handle the physical issues at the pro level. Carlos will have to prove that he can catch contested passes going over the middle, improve his blocking, getting off the line of scrimmage into his routes quickly, not getting pushed off his routes and last but not least running routes at the NFL level and gaining separation. All of these issues Carlos will have to prove at the next level because of the level of competition he played at and in spite of the fact that he had a very successful college career.

Carlos might remind me of Odell Beckham but putting up numbers like 232 total receiving yards against Western Kentucky and 326 total receiving yards against Massachusetts really doesnít compare to putting up the numbers Odell did against SEC competition. Nevertheless you have to have talent at any level to put up those types of numbers as a receiver. The combine will be big for Carlos along with his workouts too. Getting speed numbers on this kid will be very important for him to move up in this draft. His film is very impressive but that doesnít mean he will be a high draft choice. Nevertheless not being a high draft choice does not mean he canít be a franchise receiver either. Hall of Fame WR Andre Reed was a 4th round pick from Kutztown College and played for 16 years. Another Hall of fame WR Jerry Rice was the 16th pick of the 1985 draft came out of Mississippi Valley State and he played for 20 years. Whatís my point? My point is great receivers can come from any level of completion and can be selected at any point in a draft so suggesting Carlos canít hack it because he comes from a smaller school than Odell BechhamÖmeans you might just miss out selecting the next great receiver. Watch the film, make your selection from what heís done and accomplished on film. Like I always say, donít second guess yourself when you see obvious talent, draft the obvious.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017