Chad Kelly   QB   Mississippi


Chad Kelly is the type of quarterback who lacks a conscious. He has a bazooka for an arm with good to excellent accuracy. Chad can make all the throws required for the next level. He can throw passes that require touch and those passes that require velocity when his team is in a third and long situation. He showís on film solid mechanics and he has very good athletic talent to run for third downs when it is needed. Chad will throw the ball with an unconscious attitude and that my friends and can be a gift and a curse.

There are issues on the field that could affect what round Chad is selected in and there are also issues off the field that could affect what round Chad is selected in. Off the field he makes stupid and immature decisions. On the field Chad makes macho and immature decisions and doesnít protect the ball. Teams will have to decide for themselves how those off field issues affect how much Chad can be trusted. Chad will also have to be able to work out and show he has no affect from his knee injury. For me personally I have no problems selecting Chad, I think the talent overrides those off field issues, after all marijuana is legal now in 14 States as of this writing. Biggest negative issue is when Chad leaves the pocket he does not look to pass the ball, just to run. All QBís when breaking the pocket must continue to look down field to pass the ball or they will get injured. Itís just that simple.

There are lots of negatives that if a team doesnít want to draft Chad they can convince themselves that he is not worth the risk. The fact is Chad is the type of quarterback that can bring his team from behind to win games. He is the type of quarterback who can throw five interceptions in one half of a game and still win the game throwing the ball to gain victory. Yes he has some growing up to do on and off the field but donít be foolish and think that if your favorite team needs a quarterback that they should pass on selecting Chad early in this draft. Once Chad works out teams will realize that his arm talent alone warrants him being looked at as one of the top quarterbacks in this draft. Add to that the fact he has a lot of snaps for a team that plays in the SEC and you have a recipe for a quarterback to be selected at any point in this draft and yes (although not being rated there) even being selected in the top ten if a team can look past his off field issues. It might take a few years of putting up with his nonsense but be advised; Chad Kelly has franchise quarterback potential. I just hope it doesnít all go up in smoke. I call him Chad (Smoke) Kelly because; there is smoke on the field when he throws the ball as well as smoke off the field when he makes stupid decisions.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017