Chad Williams   WR   Grambling State


Chad has the potential and reminds me of Steelers Antonio Brown. He has good size, excellent speed and strong hands to catch the ball. He has talent to adjust to the ball in the air and make the acrobatic contested catch. He has the speed to run deep and the size to handle the short routes too. Chad plays with anger that keeps a chip on his shoulder and will emotionally challenge himself to be better and to improve as the game is being played. He gives good effort when blocking for his teammates. Chad does not shy away from physical play against him, in fact he likes it. Chad plays with a lot of anger and if he can harness that anger on the field he can become one of the best receivers from this deep class of receivers for the team that selects him.

Of course Chad has to learn to run all his routes better and learn the tricks of the trade but he gets off the line of scrimmage better than a lot of other receivers in this draft right now. Chad plays with a ďGot off me manĒ attitude and that attitude is a gift and a curse.

I noticed that Chad seems to step up to the challenge of competition quickly. I noticed it in the Senior Bowl practices. He improved from play to play and not just from day to day. Thatís the sign of an extremely competitive person. Chad has to work on keeping his opponent out of his head. He also has to have a more intense work ethic to reach his full potential. Right now it all comes easy to him because he has excellent athletic talent. The reason Chad can step up his talent so quickly is because he has not yet reached his full potential or limit of his talent, that is not a criticism of him itís more of an observation. For the next level, the next time he wants to step up to the competition it might be a shock to him that the only way to improve is more mentally that athletically and until he discovers this and works harder than he has ever worked before in his athletic life, he will struggle to improve. Like I said earlier, I see the potential for him to be as good as Antonio Brown. But he has to control his anger on and off the field and has to realize the new work ethic that will be required of him to reach that potential. Iím betting the farm that heíll do it.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017