Channing Stribling   CB   Michigan


Channing is a deceivingly athletic corner back with the length teams are looking for now at that position. When he is covering his man his unorthodox style of flailing arms and legs looks a little like spaghetti thrown in a pot of boiling water and coming to a head. Channing has the length to trail receivers to make it look like they are open and then with surprising quickness, good recovery speed and his length, close on the ball in the air and snatch it right in front of the receivers face. He can play man to man and zone because he is a good tackler and will come up and support the run. Channing understands when he has made a mistake and has learned to “turn the page” and go on and this is an import attribute for a cover corner to have, to be successful. Channing shows good enough hands to make the interception and when he does he looks to take it all the way back for six. Because of his size and spaghetti like body Channing fools people into thinking he is not strong enough, quick enough or that he doesn’t have the pure speed to be a complete corner back for the next level. But spaghetti like aside…what I see on film is the potential to become a complete corner back for the team that selects him.

Anything from the hash marks out on any route, Channing is an excellent defender and it is very hard to beat him. Nevertheless anything across his face and into the middle of the field he struggles with using the correct timing and techniques and this problem has to be address for Channing to become a top corner back from this deep class of corners.

Channing will help a team right away at the outside corner position especial in the red zone. He can compete in any style of coverage but like I said, first he will have to learn better timing and techniques to cover all types of receivers on every route and this will take some time. Until then, Channing will work very well in nickel/dime situations and in the red zone. He will take that fade pass away and will challenge those taller receivers who can high point the ball. Being able to challenge those taller receivers’ means throwing those deep outs on third and long will become a problem for opponents to complete late in games and when they need to stop the clock. Because of Channing’s spaghetti length and good overall athletic talent he has the potential to be a corner back that most teams will struggle to match up against once he learns all the tricks of the trade.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017