Chris Wormley   DE   Michigan  


Chris has talent that needs to be unleashed. Someone needs to kick this kid in the groin and get him mad. He has the size and strength and long arms to make him look the part of a potential excellent NFL defensive lineman. He has the athletic talent to play in multiple styles of fronts on the defensive line at multiple positions. Chris has solid change of direction skills to be a good pass rusher and the foot quickness to run players down from behind. He is strong with long arms to shed blocks and make tackles at the line of scrimmage against the run also. In spite of all this talent and the fact he looks the part, Chris struggles to impact.

Chris struggles to impact because of a number of issues. First, his techniques are very poor and inconsistent against the run and also rushing the passer, even his stance is poor. Chris also is not a quick twitch athlete but, if he used better techniques this would not be as much of an issue. Chris also lacks a ďkillerĒ instinct; He might be too nice a person. I think a power pass rushing along with that fact that he is thinking too much and not just flying off the line and making plays. Itís almost like heís afraid to make a mistake.

I would love to see Chris get mad at his opponent and unleash his talent because he could be something special. He could be a power rushing, shed blocking night mare if he just learn better techniques and use his god given talents. As long as Chris canít unleash his talent he will struggle and only be a solid defensive lineman and not a star defensive lineman. Like I stated before, someone needs to kick this kid in the groin to get him mad and unleash his talent. After that, someone needs to teach him the correct stance and techniques to play his position. Right now he looks like he never played football in this country until this year and that doesnít say much for the coaching staff unlessÖ Chris doesnít listen very well to coaching? If thatís the problem then selecting him high in this draft would be a big mistake. With the information I have in front of me and what I see on film I would be comfortable selecting Chris at some point in the 2nd round. Iím sure I will be in the minority so look at Robís board to see different.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017