Christian McCaffrey   RB/WR/ST   Stanford  


Christian McCaffrey has talent way beyond his size and football intelligence way beyond his years. He is the definition of a football Swiss Army Knife. From the screwdriver to the corkscrew, the toothpick to the scissors, Christian will be able to fix any problem a team might be having with their offense. He can be a third down running back, a slot receiver or wide receiver and a return man on the special teams. He can be a deep threat receiving the ball or your short yardage move the chains receiver. He can run between the tackles and corkscrew your linebackers into the ground while cutting through your defensive back field like a scissor cutting through ribbon. Christian has unique speed and quickness along with unique lateral agility that allows him to burst through tackles and change gears when running routes or when running between the tackles. Christian might be one of the most intelligent running backs in this draft. He has the ability to set up blocks running with the patience like a veteran NFL running back. He has the hand/eye coordination to catch the ball deep and that alone at the next level is worth selecting him early.

The key to Christian being successful at the next level is how smart is the head coach for the team that selects him and injuries. Thatís it, use him correctly and keep him injury free as much as possible. Lack of bulk & size will be an issue some teams will have with Christian, not me because I know that impact players come in all different sizes.

I pity the NFL teams that pass on selecting Christian and allow him to be selected by the New England Patriots! The other teams in that division will never see the Super Bowl for years if that happens. Christian is an impact player who doesnít need to touch the ball many times in a game to impact. The smart thing to do is to keep him on the field for every down and move him all over your offense. The dumbest thing you can do is to pigeon hole this kid and think he is only a third down back. Thatís just plain dumb. An original true Swiss Army Knife has at least 32 uses and Iím guessing Christian can also be used in 32 different ways also but, sitting on the bench is not one of them. Sitting on the Bench on any down and distance would be like leaving your Swiss Army Knife at home instead of taking it with you on your camping trip. Seriously donít select Christian if you think he is just a third down running back and donít select him if you think he is just a specialty player. He plays with the same style and quickness of former Bills special teams ace Steve Tasker, same toughness, moxie and football intelligence but much better top end speed. Christian is a unique talent and I would not hesitate to select him as early as possible if needed a Swiss Army Knife and reallyÖwho doesnít need a Swiss Army Knife? S.A.KÖall the way.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017